!! Alexyss Tylor REMIXED !!

Some genius somewhere on the Internet has produced the ultimate video: A dance remix video of Alexyss Tylor‘s Vagina Power show that appears on Atlanta public access television. (Thanks to Graydon for the tip!)
“Dick-uh make you slap somebody!”
If you didn’t get enough of the show from the episode I posted the other day, check out the Halloween episode after the jump, where Alexyss teaches us all about the importance of a “piloting and policing the pussy.”

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2 Comments on "Alexyss Tylor REMIXED"

  1. hi, I love Alexyss so much that I also remixed her. I know this may seem kinda spamish, but it is totally on topic, so please check it out at:
    the track is called body business and I hope that I have done Alexyss Tylor justice.

  2. I wouldn’t be totally against her becoming president. ;D
    Why does the woman on the left always cover her stomach with that folder?

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