!! OMG, he’s a man now: Elijah Wood !!

Elijah “Frodo” Wood has grown some facial hair and maybe slimmed down a bit as well. His new look is kind of homosexual, but in a good way I think.
See a full body shot after the jump.

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7 Comments on "OMG, he’s a man now: Elijah Wood"

  1. i think elijah wood is the hottest guy ever . i know almost every thing about him he is awsome .

  2. SGT Bitchslap | May 5, 2007 at 5:53 am | Reply

    Black shoes with a brown belt?? Maybe he isn’t really gay after all.

  3. Okay so like I was walking in LA and i went to a club and when I went to the backroom i totally saw tom cruise having sex with elijah wood. Then Orlando Bloom joined and I was all like “that’s gay”. True story.
    I wonder why all the good looking ones are percieved as gay. I really don’t think he is gay, or Orlando Bloom.

  4. I have a Hollywood friend who worked on parts of the Lord of the Rings. He said that Elijah and Orlando Bloom had a “thing”. I’m not one to believe in gossip, but I believe my friend.
    So. Gay.

  5. I truly believe he’s gay. When I was living in Chelsea, I was coming out of G bar when I saw him and Kate Winslett. They were both dressed really low key. Kate kept encouraging Elijah to pop in but he was really hesitant. I then approached him and said he looks like a cuter Elijah Wood and ….he freaked out and bolted. I later learned he was shooting that Jim Carey movie…Eternal – Sunshine.. etc, I wish him happiness and the will to come out.

  6. always thought him a cutie when younger.. but lookin kinda hot now also

  7. He lives in my neck of the “woods” and this guy is really short (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

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