18 Comments on "OMG, he’s almost naked: Argentinian soccer player Marcos Angeleri"

  1. Oh my. Better than expected.

    • Right?!!!

      There are recent posts on here that only show butt cheeks, and they’re calling it “naked”. Then there’s a whoppin’ two thirds of a nicely exposed dick, and we’re being cautioned that he’s only “almost naked”?

      I just don’t get it!

  2. I love all the concerned Americans on here! This is football. Calm down queens. He’s probably just re adjusting his shorts? He’s not “flashing” anyone on purpose. Don’t worry…I’m sure there’s some violent flick on tv or something you rather be watching…

  3. If it’s true, it’s gross of him to do this. we MAY want to see, but it’s no different than a “flasher” in public. Others don’t want to see it, including kids (which I’m not one of those that preach about children, fuck that). It’s just disrespectful.Why would players not wear “protection”? Just seems photoshopped.

    • More than likely, he was adjusting himself and got “caught” by a high-powered camera in sports mode. I really do not think he was just “showing off”. There is a clip somewhere of Lebron James adjusting his shorts and some camera caught his junk. But it’s not obvious that he wasn’t flashing. jm2c

    • What a prude. Let me guess, you’re American? Non sexual nudity isn’t a big deal.

  4. I want him now

  5. What’s not to like about a sport where men rip each others’ shorts off on occasion?

  6. Honestly everytime I hookup with a dude and when he whips out his cock and it’s smooth part of me just wants to walk out right their and then, miss the 70s #BringBackTheBush

    • There’s always one. Get a life!

    • #getoverit

    • If you’re still pissing & moaning about dudes who shave/trim their pubes at this stage of the game then I’m honestly surprised as all hell that you’re not too damn old and decrepit to be “hooking up” with too awfully many dudes to begin with.

      Seriously, get the f**k over it already. How can a group who so desperately wants everyone to celebrate diversity and seek equality simultaneously be so secular and/or prejudiced against dudes who trim or shave their pubes/body hair?!?

      I just don’t get it…

  7. This is great but think it’s photoshop. I mean out of the thousands of people who attended the match someone had to have seen it and complained; not me of course! Neat, thanks.

    • Do you watch much soccer? This kind of thing happens all the time.

    • I mean, as Eko already stated: shit like this happens in dang near every match. Soccer not being as huge here in the US as in other countries most Americans (particularly the gay ones) have no idea!! These people on here thinking he flashed someone or did this on purpose are just hysterical!! They’re also showing just how much of a “Boomer” they really are.

  8. How dare you jerk off in front of Messi smdh

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