!! ‘Amazing Race 12’ could be the best ever !!

I stopped watching The Amazing Race last season after the lovable redneck couple got eliminated, but my interest is piqued once again with the casting for Season 12.
Two teams in particular look like they have Amazing potential. First the ordained lesbian priests:
And of course the first-ever Goth team!


Now they just have to go somewhere super conservative like Dubai and there will be pure television gold.
(Image Source via Queerty)

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3 Comments on "‘Amazing Race 12’ could be the best ever"

  1. This gave me a fantastic idea about what NOT to be for halloween this year.

  2. I loved that show, but it got really annoying when they had Rob & Amber. It was really suspicious how they had “random help” at each destination and such unbelievable luck each episode.

  3. Haha @ the gothic people. I don’t see too many gothic people existing anymore… haha. GOOFY. They both look the same!

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