!! OMG, he’s naked: American professional wrestler AR Fox !!

AR Fox is an American professional wrestler, known for his work in promotions like Combat Zone Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA, and Evolve. But he also dabbled in some gay adult action on camera! We love a dynamic talent! Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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26 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: American professional wrestler AR Fox"

  1. he got a nice ass is there one where he is getting fucked

  2. Do you know what is porn name was or is?? Would love to see him in action.

  3. I’ve seen this video and that man has an incredible cock! Very meaty indeed! He should keep doing this for a living instead! Hope there’s more!!

  4. He’s not my type…., but gay for pay is hot when you find your match. MMMMmmm, memories !

  5. Wow!! I’ll have to watch this tonight! What a cock and what a man!!! Perfection

  6. The man is Sexy as… His body rocks. The video was okay for a straight bait film. I’m for him, he’s employed. I wish him all the happiness he wants.

  7. Goooooood Laawwwwwwd, he sure is one sexy man!! Even with his clothes on! Of course he looks better with them off – gotta big ol’ beautiful dick on him! I wouldn’t kick him outta bed for eating crackers!! LOL

  8. Huh? You absolutely made no sense. Please try again.

  9. Huh? You made no sense.

  10. What a hunk…..

  11. I dare anyone who goes to such events to call him a sissy. Great build!

  12. OMG, he has the whole package – perfect body, perfect cock…

  13. OMFG! He’s perfect in every way!!!

  14. VERY SEXY!

    • 1. You have no friends
      2. Its slightly above average. But because its the right skin tone of course its a “big peen” to you

      • Always got to be at least one smart ass cvnt in every comment section, huh. CONGRATS — YOU’RE IT!!! If you go look at the video (there’s a link in the comments) it actually IS a big dick. You know, unless you’re used to getting fucked by donkeys, horses and/or like your dom daddy’s balled up fist and entire forearm buried elbow deep and beyond all the way up in your ass.

  15. Sorry guys, he’s watching straight porn on TV to get him through the topping. He had a blindfold for the bj. And he’s getting paid. I doubt he is the bi fantasy you are hoping for. Money is a huge motivator.

  16. He’s g4p, he’s not looking at the guy, has his attention focused on the porn that is probably playing on a monitor and is closing his eyes.

  17. Man’s gotta work.

  18. Sexy!!!! I want him

  19. So he likes peen and man ass every so often ,isn’t “bi” the new gay?

  20. he is liking to have sex gay with sucking his penis

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