!! Amy Sedaris on Martha Stewart ‘Fine Living’ !!

Even when she’s not in costume, I still see more than a little bit of Jerri Blank in Amy Sedaris, and it especially comes through during her hilarious appearance on Martha Stewart’s Fine Living show, when they make cheeseballs together.
Rich from Fourfour got it right when he said Amy is able to “to openly mock and simultaneously charm a person.” Though I’m not sure Martha is totally charmed.
I believe Amy used to sell cheese balls on her website, but now she’s just selling her new book I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence.
Part 2 of the video here:

(via Fourfour)

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2 Comments on "Amy Sedaris on Martha Stewart ‘Fine Living’"

  1. Amy and David Sedaris wrote a fantastic play called “Book of Liz” that is all about cheeseballs … sorta’. At any rate, it’s f’n BRILLIANT.

  2. Martha really makes a couple digs about the recipes being the same. She’s implying Amy stole hers and only changed a couple things around. Really bitchy, but Amy totally handles herself well – Funny as usual.
    Martha Stewart would be really smart to bring her on as a guest host. Compare the episodes with Amy to regular episodes and people laugh more. Martha is so stiff, Amy really livens it up.
    “That’s okay Martha, it happens to a lot of woman” lol

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