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!! OMG, there is some joy in this world: The new ‘Golden Girls’ tiki mugs are here !!

You can shop the Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia mugs individually, but we all know that’s like picking a favorite child, so it’s a good thing you can get the entire set. The tiki mugs are $25.99 each, but the set of four costs $98.99 at Target. Hey, they’re ceramic!

Ahhh, we love these! It’s like yer sippin’ on a beachy cocktail at a retirement resort somewhere tropical. Currently the glasses are sold out online but keep an eye open!

!! OMG, McDonald’s is selling Quarter Pounder candles: Bun Ketchup Pickle Cheese Onion + 100% Fresh Beef** !!

“Because there’s no better smell than 100% fresh beef and a perfect combination of toppings” and to “burn together for maximum deliciousness”

McDicks says all 6 limited edition custom scented candles are to be released SOON! Check their website to snatch yours up! Can you EVEN!?

!! OMG, don't miss these !!