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!! OMG, Nicki Minaj slams Wendy’s for always removing their spicy chicken nuggets from their menu only to bring them back !!

Nicki Minaj has new BEEF! Not with Cardi or Kim, — but with Wendy! The rapper and singer took to Twitter to slam WENDY’S burger chain for always removing and reinstating their spicy chicken nugget menu item! The shit that matters! Check out their interaction after the jump!


!! OMG, gluten intolerant!? GREAT – there’ll be more BAGUETTE BODY PILLOW for the rest of us! !!

What genius has combined both the sensation of having a body to hold next to you at night AND the warm familiar feeling of BREAD!? Japan did!

The pillow comes in three sizes: 11.8 inches (just under a foot), 23.6 inches (almost 2 feet), and 31.5 inches (about 2.6 feet). So whatever your size preference, it’s perfect for those Friday nights when you want to sip some vino, binge-watch your shows, and just enjoy your own damn company. It’s available on Amazon, and the largest size is only $11.50 (plus $2.49 shipping).

SO get one today especially if you. love. BREADT! …More than Oprah!

!! OMG, Cap’n Crunch is making a ‘Cotton Candy Crunch’ to rot your child’s brain !!

As if teachers didn’t get it hard enough – parents will now send their children to school after they chow down on COTTON CANDY cereal! JunkFoodAisle, originally introduced it to the social media-verse by saying:

“Cereal on a spoon is basically just airy candy on a stick already, right? Coming soon from Cap’n Crunch! ”

Will you be buying, OMG!?

!! OMG, git in mah BELLEH! Heinz unveils new ‘Mayocue’, ‘Mayomust’ & ‘Mayochup’ concoctions !!

AMURRRRRICA, fuck yeah! Heinz knows their market! (Actually – Germans will also dig this hard!) Heinz unveiled 2 more mayo-based mashups, MayoMust (mayo + yellow mustard) and MayoCue (mayo + barbecue sauce), to join last year’s mix MayoChup (mayo + ketchup). Would you squirt any of these on yer weiner, OMG!?

!! OMG, don't miss these !!