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!! OMG, gluten intolerant!? GREAT – there’ll be more BAGUETTE BODY PILLOW for the rest of us! !!

What genius has combined both the sensation of having a body to hold next to you at night AND the warm familiar feeling of BREAD!? Japan did!

The pillow comes in three sizes: 11.8 inches (just under a foot), 23.6 inches (almost 2 feet), and 31.5 inches (about 2.6 feet). So whatever your size preference, it’s perfect for those Friday nights when you want to sip some vino, binge-watch your shows, and just enjoy your own damn company. It’s available on Amazon, and the largest size is only $11.50 (plus $2.49 shipping).

SO get one today especially if you. love. BREADT! …More than Oprah!

!! OMG, Cap’n Crunch is making a ‘Cotton Candy Crunch’ to rot your child’s brain !!

As if teachers didn’t get it hard enough – parents will now send their children to school after they chow down on COTTON CANDY cereal! JunkFoodAisle, originally introduced it to the social media-verse by saying:

“Cereal on a spoon is basically just airy candy on a stick already, right? Coming soon from Cap’n Crunch! ”

Will you be buying, OMG!?

!! OMG, git in mah BELLEH! Heinz unveils new ‘Mayocue’, ‘Mayomust’ & ‘Mayochup’ concoctions !!

AMURRRRRICA, fuck yeah! Heinz knows their market! (Actually – Germans will also dig this hard!) Heinz unveiled 2 more mayo-based mashups, MayoMust (mayo + yellow mustard) and MayoCue (mayo + barbecue sauce), to join last year’s mix MayoChup (mayo + ketchup). Would you squirt any of these on yer weiner, OMG!?

!! OMG, Survivor: Edge Of Extincton’s Chris Underwood is revealed to be hiding a tropical anaconda !!

SHGAHGAAHSKASHJA… rather than us continue to mash the keyboard while our senses short-circuit – why not check out Survivor: Edge Of Extincton‘s Chris Underwood’s episode 2 ratings… spike care of contestant Chris Underwood… (under-wood is RIGHT) after the jump! We weren’t watching the show, but now we are somehow glued to the screen…


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