!! Food !!

!! OMG, Italy is not going to be happy about this! Germans have developed a fish-stick PIZZA !!

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza-pie that’s a… fish stick?! If you live in Germany, your pleas have been answered and Dr. Oetker now sells a Fish Sticks Pizza! Germany just said ‘hold my beer, America!’ when it comes to weird fast food. But somehow we are hongray to taste!! Sorry to the inventor of pizza, but… Check out the company’s new socials ad for it after the jump! Would you cop, OMG?


!! OMG, Mike Tyson is selling cannabis-infused edibles in the shape of a chewed-up ear !!

This is twisted, but also genius. You know the bros are gonna eat this shit up! LAHTERALLY!

More than two decades after Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield‘s ear at the 1997 WBA Heavyweight Championship fight, the legendary boxer has released a line of edibles — in the shape of ears.
The cannabis-infused gummies are called “Mike Bites” in homage to Tyson’s most notorious moment.

Holyfield, the only four-time world heavyweight champion, defeated Tyson at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas in 1996. The following year, during their highly anticipated rematch, Tyson bit off a small section of Holyfield’s ear, spit it onto the canvas and was promptly disqualified. The gory incident marked the rematch as one of the most bizarre fights in the history of boxing.

Tyson, who was the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight title, has launched several cannabis-related ventures in recent years. Tyson 2.0, the company releasing “Mike Bites,” describes itself as “a premier cannabis company formed with legendary boxer, entrepreneur and icon Mike Tyson.” In 2021, the company expanded its sales to over 100 locations in California.

What boxer body parts do you want to see as edibles next, OMG? We vote for one of Conor McGregor‘s appendages!😈 Check out the gummies after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: The Best of Miniature Cooking !!

Sometimes you need things in life to just be cuter. Tinier. No… even tinier. Including meals!

It may seem odd, but Miniature Cooking has had over 84 million views! Yes – people are SESSED. But who know, maybe you’ll find something to make for dinner tonight, and soon you’ll take portion control to a whole new level! Check out some of the best recipes above!

!! OMG, why not wear it? Gab Bois saltine sweater vest !!

Gab Bois cracker sweater vest

Gab Bois Saltine Sweater Vest

Comfort food + comfort dressing? Sign me the fuck up! For you see, spring has not yet sprung. So, excuse me while I continue to embrace coziness in all its forms.

Now here’s something to sink our teeth into—this snackable sweater vest by the brilliant Montreal-based conceptual artist Gab Bois.

It’s food for thought, of course. But Bois’ work brings together elements of nostalgia, humor and kitsch in the most uplifting way.

See: Her vastly-shared Valentine’s Day treat boxes filled with everything from green veggies to fast food fare.

Gab Bois Valentine's Day Treat BoxAnd while fashion brands both emerging and established ramp up experimentation in textile creation—cactus and mushroom leathers, for example, are being banked on big time—Bois’ work demonstrates that the perimeters of what’s perceived as plausible fabrications could be much further flung.

To wit, in this day and age of upcycling and material exploration, who says a piece of pasta can’t do double duty as fabric?

You have to see it to believe it after the jump!


!! OMG, WATCH: New gameshow asks “Is this CAKE?” !!

Real objects? Or the most delicious cake you’ve ever laid eyes on? Netflix’s IS IT CAKE will put contestants to the test with baking that is so believable to the eye – you may not know what’s what! Check out the trailer above. Now we’re hongray!

!! OMG, WATCH: Heidi Montag eating raw bulls testicles is why the internet was made !!

Yes – The Hills star, pop chaunteuse and surged-beauty ICON, Miss Heidi Montag helped herself to some RAW “Rocky Mountain oysters.” Bulls balls are typically cooked or fried but Montage likes em… fresh. Check out the video after the jump which she shared to her Instagram. …Gorgeous sunset?


!! OMG, don't miss these !!