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!! OMG, Clara’s ‘Great Depression Cooking’ channel brings us another great cheapo recipe !!

When so many people in the United States are currently unemployed, something like Clara‘s Great Depression recipes could come in handy very soon!

Back in the days of the Great Depression, Clara had to quit highschool because she couldn’t afford socks to wear. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that here in North America! A reminder that it’s important to be grateful for what we have every day. Check out Clara’s recipe above!

!! OMG, Stephen Amell’s neighbour took a poo on his roof !!

The pandemic is weird times. Like shit-on-your-neighbour’s-roof weird. Check out what Arrow‘s Stephen Amell discovered as a Memorial Day gift above!

!! OMG, num numz! Dog and her udon cup bed go viral !!

Yuki Chan is a famous Shiba Inu that has recently gone viral thanks to her owner uploading a series of pictures of her sleeping inside an instant kitsune udon (fried tofu and noodles) cup shaped bed.

The tweet has since gone viral with more than half a million interactions, and prompting the bed (which cats can sleep in too) to shoot up in the popularity rankings of Amazon Japan. There is also a soba version of the bed. And you can buy it for ¥4700 (around $44.21).

Check out Yuki after the jump for even more cuteness!


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