!! Anderson Cooper wants to go noodlin’ !!

“Noodlin'” is the Arkansan art of catching giant catfish with your bare hands. It can be a bit painful as they bite your arm, but they don’t seem to be strong enough to amputate any limbs. Anderson Cooper is obviously amused by the activity. (via Towleroad)

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3 Comments on "Anderson Cooper wants to go noodlin’"

  1. this is just eeeeeewwwww… and for the posts above me another eeeeewwww… 😀

  2. um, does the guy catching the giant catfish have an erection?
    look at his crotch on 34-36 seconds. lol somebody please let me know. who knew fishing was such an aphrodisiac?

  3. I wouldn’t mind Noodlin'” Cooper 😀

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