10 Comments on "Andy Roddick adjusts the goods"

  1. he’ll need more than his goods adjusted by the time i’ve finished with him. i’ll slap more than his balls around the court. bring a whole new meaning to game, set & match.

  2. he looks like he’d be hung.

  3. Andy Roddick is a little compulsive about it because is well endowed. If you watch the tennis matches, like i do, He often times looks like he has a hard on. That is his big member. He recently started to wear a tighter fitting support to keep “it ” all in.

  4. I agree with nyc324 – A little hygiene would could go a long way to “help.” Of course, if he needed someone to “check it out” … I’d be MORE than glad to volunteer .. Oh well, Henrie I agree with you, I’m in the “older” category with a few too many years for him .. but …there’s nothing like a little wishful thinking!!!
    (HUGE bear hug) …b

  5. Can you get tennis elbow in your groin?

  6. Ya know, if he needs someone to do the adjusting for him, I’m sure he could someone willing to do that. And I’d do it without pay! 🙂

  7. “…compulsive crotch-grabber…”
    proper hygiene/a good scrubbing might alleviate this ‘problem’

  8. just the opposite is true when one has to continually adjust the goods that means the goods are too small for the pouch of his undergear…. he needs less fabric and tighter fit to keep his small wears in the correct pouch size.tis would also be true of the the straps or fabric in the back as well.

  9. His balls keep sticking to his thighs. They hang low. Trust me I know, it happens to me all the time.

  10. wow….. I have such a crush on Andy…. Just once baby… Of course I am to old for him.. lol Oh yeah, he is not gay! lol Oh well, cannot blame a guy for dreaming……Henrie

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