!! Ann Coulter loves !! omg blog !! !!

Reader Tom F. sent me this screen cap the other day with the subject line of “This is either hysterically funny or terribly sad.”
Rest assured I have not sold ad space directly to Ann Coulter, but these ads show up on my blog through Google, probably because I’ve been known to make fun of old horse-face on here once in a while.
If you do see the Ann Coulter ad pop up on your screen, I apologize, but I would never suggest clicking on it just so she would have to pay me money (over and over again), because that is against Google AdSense rules.
UPDATE: I just blocked all of these banners so they shouldn’t display anymore. Please let me know if you see them!

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9 Comments on "Ann Coulter loves !! omg blog !!"

  1. I just read your update about the Coulter link (after I’d already submitted my previous post.) Good for you for blocking the banners – you are so ethical and so right on in so many ways!

  2. I saw the Ann Coulter link on that day and though “what the f***???” but since your explanation I’ve never seen it again. And I’m dying to!!! I just want to click and click and click so she has to give you money!!! I’m wondering if somehow now there’s a filter on her ads to stop the bot placing them on certain sites… Re comments on her looks: she presents herself as a “pretty girl” and has often engaged in scathing attacks on the looks of other women, particularly politicos, so it is so ironic that her inner ugliness shows so blatantly simply in the expression on her face as she continues to present herself as one of the “pretty” ones… One’s inner gollum just has a way of getting out…
    As a woman, I’m incredibly offended by the whole long legged, blond Republican women’s club – buying into and boradcasting stereotypes as they continue to try to force other people to live by their narrow, moralistic, retrogressive views.
    Sorry this is so long – and thanks for your wonderful blog.

  3. Ann Coulter Needs To DIE!!!

  4. I can’t wait to get the ad. It’s almost worth refreshing all day for… Then clicking on it the whole next day…

  5. Let’s make it a game: “Find the ugly Cooter”….I mean Coulter!

  6. OMG, let’s make Anne Coulter PAY. I can’t begin to describe how much I hate her.

  7. I love you, Frank.

  8. i gave dog face a dozen clicks for you! it was kinda fun!

  9. It’s always been interesting to me how many people comment on Ann’s looks.
    I don’t think anyone would if she were not so “ugly on the inside” that we tend to focus on her negative physical features.
    Just like “inner beauty” has a way of shining through, the reverse is also true!

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