!! OMG, how sexy: The Pizza Hut guy !!

The curly-haired guy in the new Pizza Hut commercial looks so wholesome and All-American, it’s hard to believe he has a history of doing soaking wet European editorial spreads with his pubes hanging out all over the place. See the photos after the jump [probably NSFW].
Anyone know his name?

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13 Comments on "OMG, how sexy: The Pizza Hut guy"

  1. I’ve thought he was hot since I first saw his pizza ad. But these photos are freaking HOT.

  2. Wow.. is he beautiful..

  3. He IS cute! I generally loathe commercials…but I like this one.

  4. His name…is Trent Garrett! He is the most luscious and down-to-earth guy you could ever know. I know his family in Virginia. He is, unfortunately, married and is not expected to show off more of his assets – how truly sad!

  5. omg if u look closely at the shot of him in his undies u can see the outline of his dick!!!!!!!! looks very sexy, as does he!!!!!!!!!!

  6. So wet and hot. he’s simply mesmeriszing.

  7. His name is Trent Garrett.

  8. He is hot!

  9. Pubes are the new black.

  10. Yummie!

  11. I imagine he’s talking about me when he says of the P’zone: “That’s huge!”

  12. Duh! How do you think he got the Pizza Hut gig? Some casting agent or ad exec saw those pics, sampled the merchandise, and a star is born! Don’t ya just love Hollywood?

  13. He’d be nicer to look at if the commercial didn’t feature that nails-on-chalkboard song from the middle-aged fatasses in Smash Mouth.
    (Sorry. Persoal peeve. Carry on.)

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