!! OMG, WATCH: Azealia Banks gets booed off a Pride stage !!

For an artist with a platform who has spewed so much anti-trans and anti-gay hate on all of her online platforms, directed the word ‘faggot’ at a flight attendant and said she thinks the word is ‘feminist’ in an interview, the LGBTQ+ community seems to LOVE to look past it all for Azealia in order to still twerk their twink bums to ‘212‘ while sippin’ on a White Claw or five.

However, that line apparently doesn’t exist when it comes to being LATE! (cue glowing flash of RED GAY EYES enblazened with rage). LINES WERE FINALLY CROSSED. When Banks headlined the annual Wynnwood Pride event in Miami, she kept the crowd waiting for over TWO hours before turning up to perform topless during her brief set, rapped a few songs and then abruptly stopped performing.

The crowd began booing and telling her to leave, somehow completey shocked that Banks would ever pull such a stunt 🙄

“I’m really not happy to be here,” she boldly told the crowd as the cheers and jeers grew louder. “I’m trying y’all, but it’s difficult.”

The 31-year-old artist muttered something else before her microphone was cut off. Banks then threw the mic to the ground and gave the audience two middle fingers before walking off the stage, but not before she got hit with a splash of water and security guards escorted her off. Check out some of the videos from her meltdown the jump!

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4 Comments on "OMG, WATCH: Azealia Banks gets booed off a Pride stage"

  1. She’s trash and our community supporting her after the shit she’s said is vile too.
    Why support this obviously messed up poser.
    If you support her, f*ck you

  2. I agree she needs to fuck off, but she’s also clearly unwell. I hope she gets some help, and squashes that ego before it kills her.

  3. Legion Keign | June 13, 2022 at 10:02 am | Reply

    Bye, Bitch…

    Nobody’s got time for your drunk sloppy ass.

  4. How is this okay to support this type of behavior towards people paying to see her?? What an entitled mess. She’s not even an LGBTQ+ ally. Bye.

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