!! ‘Backroom’ !!

Spanish director Guillem Morales’s short film Backroom attempts to capture the diverse activities and energies that can be encountered in the dark backrooms of gay clubs. Sort of scary, sort of hot, definitely Not Safe For Work. Watch it after the jump. (via American Urge)

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  1. you can watch this video (with subtitles) on the DVD “Boys Briefs 2”, a compilation of short gay films.
    It’s way more interesting if you understand the dialogues (well, actually, monologues!)

  2. Wow, awesome video, haha, where’s that place at? lol

  3. I recognize the club they filmed at. It’s in Barcelona. The club is called Disco Martin’s on Paseo de Gracia. It’s a very hot club! Though it doesn’t really get going until after 3am.

  4. Why can’t someone just subtitle this clip and release it on DVD already?

  5. I understood most of it, but it’s been AGES since I’ve had to understand Castellano (Spain spanish) and they used a bunch of slang. Shortened premise:
    The brown headed guy complains he’s lonely, even in the club, and consideres talking to people but decides not to be the instigator.
    The blonde guy seems over it all, and thinks this whole thing is stupid.
    The old guy desperately wants to sleep with a younger, hot guy.
    The spikey headed guy wants the brown headed guy, but is too rough.
    During sex, the brown headed guy decides to tell the blonde that he’s too rough and it hurts, but the blonde tells him to “shut up”. Afterwards, the brunette consideres telling the blonde it was his first time, that he really likes him, asking his name and phone number, inviting him out for coffee to chat for a bit. The blonde consideres the same thing. They both think they don’t want to be alone tonight. Then the blonde guy just says “see ya around” (hope we see eachother again) the brunette responds “Yeah” (of course).
    The old dude, who has been called all sorts of stuff (my favourite comment was “fuckin’ old shit fags, they should all just go ahead and die”), gets face-fucked and afterwards the bald dude complains that he always gets stuck settling for the ugly old guys, and that while he understands hes gonna’ be old someday, but he still has a few years to go. The old dude just thinks “yeah, now he’s hot… for now” with this “I’m so sorry for myself” overtone. The spikey headed guy, totally blue-balled, wanders through and calls the rest “bitch faggots” (or, maybe he says “pussy”)
    Not great, I know. But that’s the “quick and dirty”

  6. muy bien [:

  7. I wish I knew Spanish.

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