!! OMG, he’s a victim: Isaiah Washington !!

Former Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington is blaming his recent firing on racism rather than his own bad behavior:

Washington, who initially used the epithet during an onset clash with a co-star, told Newsweek magazine that “someone heard the booming voice of a black man and got really scared and that was the beginning of the end for me.”

The epithet was “faggot” and was directed at co-star T.R. Knight, who handled the situation as graciously as he could. Perhaps someone just heard the “booming voice” of an asshole and decided it’s best not to keep assholes around.

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6 Comments on "OMG, he’s a victim: Isaiah Washington"

  1. I agree with lolabel. The producer should DEFINATELY be called on the carpet for condoning homophobia.

  2. i don’t think that’s fair to say that the epithet was directed at knight. it was used in a verbal exchange between washington and dempsey and knight was offended. i agree with a previous comment as well. how is he being fired solely for language. there must be something else. and with every respect of people’s offendedness to the word, i think this whole issue was blown out of proportion unneccessarily.

  3. Maybe it’s just me but I think Isaiah is the one who looks like the biggest “faggot” in his pictures. He’s a homophobic homosexual – the worst kind!

  4. Now he’s saying he never really went to “rehab.” He is even quoted as saying, “that’s a bunch of crap the network put out there.”
    I just wish he would go away.

  5. Why do I get the feeling that the “faggot” incidents were the public justifications used to fire a complete asshole? It just doesn’t make sense that he was fired for that alone.

  6. The weird thing is, Washington keeps proving his homophobia in his diatribes. (Particularly the one where he thinks the whole ruckus over his homophobic language it’s a conspiracy fanned by Knight to get leading man status. What kind of insanity is that?) Washington seems truly unhinged. Now he pulls out the race card – he’s a desperate man and apparently doesn’t matter whom he sullies with his self-pity. What a dick.
    Oh, my big question is why hasn’t the Gray’s creator’s clear homophobia been called out? She wanted to do NOTHING about Washington – it was only outside pressure that lead to her even commenting on it after the incident. It seems he wasn’t the only gay-hater involved with that show.

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