!! OMG, have you heard? Balenciaga’s releasing Croc Stilettos !!

It’s called FASHUN, sweetie! Look it up! [dlisted]

What happens when our gay heroes turn out not to be so heroic? [now]

Jojo Siwa says it was harder to tell her mom she wanted to ‘lose the bow’ than to come out to her [socialite life]

Joaquin Phoenix says he isn’t going to impose his veganism on his son River [celebitchy]

Emma Bunton steps out looking pretty in pink [lainey]

Diddy throws a star-studded get together at his luxe mansion [bet]

Is Grindr safe under Apple’s new ‘Pornographic Hookup App’ ban? [instinct]

In parts of Africa gay arrests, inappropriate probes, detainment, belief in ‘demonic spirits’, murder keep LGBTQ lives at risk [towleroad]

Misbehaving goats who were forced to wear POOL NOODLES on their horns [sad and useless]

Pictures show us the way time wears everything down [ruin my week]

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