!! OMG, she has a GIF: Lorna Mills ‘Honey I Blew Up My Tits’ !!

Lorna Mills Pieces of MeNet artist Lorna Mills (@lorna.mills) collects and repurposes moving images from the depths of the most remote web garbage bins. Each piece is infused with frenetic energy, provokes giggles, and is equally likely to be macabre or sexy.

Her latest NSFW piece “Honey I Blew Up My Tits,” shown as part of the NFT exhibition Pieces of Me by Wade Wallerstein for Transfer Gallery, manages to be both, with household objects and nude subjects long lost to Internet memory all engaged in hungry, endless looping girations. Each GIF is available to purchase as an NFT.

Robocock by Lorna Mills

“Robocock” by Lorna Mills

Visit the NSFW show here and scroll right to enjoy the things you never knew you wanted to see, including pieces with names like “The Da Vinci Load,” “Pulp Friction,” “Missionary Impossible,” “My Best Friend’s Wetting,” “Twin Cheeks,” and more.

You can also find other more affordable NFTs from Mills at Hic et Nunc. Collect them here.

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