!! Barbara Walters: Black people love her! !!

How many times does Barbara Walters need to feel black women’s hair before she realizes that yes, it is different from her own straw-like crown of hairspray. First Brandy, and then Tanika Ray fell prey to the old hag’s talons. Hopefully Macy Gray won’t visit The View anytime soon.

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5 Comments on "Barbara Walters: Black people love her!"

  1. Joy's lesbian lover | August 1, 2006 at 12:37 am | Reply

    Every single guest hostess that has filled in has held their own against Ms. Walters and Joy. Poor Elisabeth, nobody wants to hear her opinion on anything–especially Joy and Barbara!
    I actually felt sorry for the way Star was ” let go” that speaks volumes because I wasn’t a Star Jones fan. If that’s the way Ms. Walters treats ” a friend”. Can you imagine the back-stabbing she is capable of *ugh*.
    Hopefully the show is cancelled before ROSIE even comes aboard. I’d LOVE that! I know Joy loves her lesbian and gay friends that come on the show, but besides that she and Barbara have very few nice things to say about anyone else, most especially 3/4’s of the guest hosts.
    For a well-traveled, experienced ” journalist” Barbara shouldn’t be on television. Prejudiced, well YES! I think she is too, as is Joy.
    Who would have thought that Elisabeth would be the “glue” now ? 🙂
    Oh, and for Debbie ( the one that was fired –long name which I can’t spell *laughs * 🙂 ) To come back and ” guest host” What a dumb ass! PUHLEASE !
    *DISCLAIMER* ( Nothing against any sexual orientation)

  2. Barbara is racist. I am a puertorican woman and was so APPALLED at her behavior that I felt compelled to post something, and that is not like me. She called Mo’Nique’s children CREATURES! This woman is on tv everyday being blatantly racist and everyone thinks it’s cute because she is this older woman from a different generation. That is her hustle. She even asked the question “do you mean to tell me that black people don’t own pets? Is this woman out of her damned mind? If anyone else did this people would boycott, but because it’s the view we laugh. Nah, this has GOT TO STOP. They must laugh so hard in the board rooms, they make fun of a group of people and those same people help with the ratings. Let’s make change!

  3. What a weirdo! I think I would have pulled her hair right back and commented on the fake color and how stiff it felt with all that product in it. Yuk!

  4. That was Barbara’s hair before she had it blow dried!! She’s the rudest person on the planet. I wonder if she’ll do that when Bo Griffin arrives?
    Bo will smack her hand . . .

  5. That’s just rude. You dont just put your hand in someone’s hair and pull. Ain’t no one pulling on her face asking her if it’s real.
    (oops, delete my first post please.)

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