!! OMG, WATCH: The behind-the-scenes making of DUNE !!

Dune was made on a massive budget which allowed the film’s creative team to really go the extra mile when bringing the planet Arrakis to life. From building actual detailed and layered sets that were meant to enhance the actors and actresses’ performances, filming in extremely high temperatures in the deserts of Dubai and Jordan, and shooting in the mountains of Budapest, the making of Dune is unlike many other blockbusters.

Even elements that may seem minor such as the carvings of the sandworms on the wall and the sand the characters walk on, was all made carefully and with a clear vision. It wasn’t all smooth sailing making Dune, as the crew did encounter problems along the way such as lighting windowless locations or having to edit during lockdown where the main editor and the director couldn’t sit in the main room.

Check out an up-close and personal look at the making of DUNE above! Have you seen it yet, OMG? What did you think?

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