!! OMG, listen to this: Sfire’s Electronic New Wave Paradise “Sfire2” !!

Jeffrey Sfire started one of Berlin’s most-loved and coveted little restaurants, Little Otik along with his business partner Kevin Avery. Sadly, Little Otik closed it’s doors in 2013 after just 3 years of great business, and Jeffrey relocated back to the US.
When the restaurant closed, everyone missed their dishes and sort wondered where the Hell they had disappeared to. Well, finally — one half of the restaurant has reappeared in an entirely different industry, and we’re glad he did!
Jeffrey and his music production partner Samuel are back with some new wave goodness under their Sfire moniker (via Berlin’s Cocktail d’Amore label), and you can check out the first track “Sfire2” below!

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2 Comments on "OMG, listen to this: Sfire’s Electronic New Wave Paradise “Sfire2”"

  1. We think so too, Jen!

  2. Geesh…this song is so freaking good.

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