!! OMG, peachy candy: The Best Butts of 2020 !!

Orlando Bloom nude in Retaliation

Orlando Bloom in Retaliation

No butts about it — 2020 was a great year for rear. With big stars like Orlando Bloom and newcomers like Finn Wittrock all baring their butts, this Top 5 list gives us something to celebrate at the end of a decidedly disappointing year.

Check out the peachiest scenes of 2020 after the NSFW jump!

Our fifth favorite celeb butt of 2020 is Orlando Bloom in Retaliation. Our favorite moment? When he indulges in a bit of butt play in front of the mirror. Mirror mirror on the wall, is this the hottest Orlando Bloom scene of them all?

Jonathan Majors nude
At number four it’s Jonathan Majors, who gave us major ass in the premiere season of Lovecraft Country. What’s not to love when he gets a fully nude inspection from a coven of witches? That booty will bewitch your wand!

Finn Wittrock nude
Our bronze booty goes to Finn Wittrock in the Ryan Murphy Netflix series Ratched. Murphy’s muse woos us with his three ass shots, including a hose down from some dudes. You’ll be one spew over the cuckoo’s nest. PLUS here are two bonus shots of that FINE ASS from American Horror Story…..Yes Please!

Harry Lawtey nude
At number two, it’s Harry Lawtey in Industry. Sure we saw his amazing member and a sleazy jizz-on-the-mirror scene, but he really proved to be a titan of Skindustry when he bared his juicy peach while masturbating over a toilet.

Tom Ellis nude
Finally, the best butt of 2020 belongs to Tom Ellis in Lucifer! He’s devilishly handsome while giving himself a fully nude pep talk in front of a mirror. Yummers!

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10 Comments on "OMG, peachy candy: The Best Butts of 2020"

  1. I’ve loved Finn since AHS and Tom Ellis since Lucifer! Also, Jonathan Majors is on my crush list! They could all pound the fuck out of me, and I’d love to pound their asses too!

  2. Finn Wittrock is the hottest ever

  3. Tom Ellis is a god. How I want that man under my Christmas tree! Everything is sexy about him, from that Alan Rickman-esque accent to that BODY!! Sweet mother of GOD!!! I always love a man that isn’t shy, but he is GORGEOUS!!!

  4. I get Tom Ellis as number 1 but Jonathan Majors should have been a CLOSE second.

  5. Ruby I Cousins | December 22, 2020 at 2:08 am | Reply

    Finn has an amazing ass

  6. Defintley the first two..

  7. I hope you have the screenshots and video of Mexican actor Gabriel Soto that were leaked online last night!! Does not disappoint AT ALL! That Mexican chorizo is a massive beauty! Muy grande!! It’s still trending on twitter and Mexico twitter!! I can see why!

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