!! OMG, have you heard? Beyonce surprise-dropped a new song, “Black Parade,” at the tail end of the Juneteenth !!

The song was co-written by Jay-Z [lainey]

Michael Keaton in talks to reprise Batman role for Flash movie [socialite life]

Netflix has a new show where the floor is lava [dlisted]

RIP: Director Joel Schumacher passes away at 80 [towleroad]

During the pandemic, video games are the new concert venues [now]

Lee Daniels says he’s been struggling to make a gay superhero fim [instinct]

Poor Trumpy is mopey after his SAD Tulsa turnout [celebitchy]

Woman arrested outside of Trump’s Tulsa rally for wearing “I Can’t Breathe’ message on her shirt [boy culture]

5 ways to divest from policing and invest in black communities [bet]

Love, Victor‘s afterschool smooch is here [gay fleshbot NSFW]

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10 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Beyonce surprise-dropped a new song, “Black Parade,” at the tail end of the Juneteenth"

  1. Why is this website calling for defunding of police? Minneapolis just had 9 people injured in three seperate shootings within four hours yesterday. On Sunday, 11 people were shot and a young father killed. In the last 30 days, Minneapolis has had 1600 gunshots with multiple injuries and fatalities. This is a public health crisis and OMG is promoting defunding police???

    • Hi Chris, we would recommend you educate yourself a bit before throwing out terms like “public health crisis” in relation to violent crime: https://defundthepolice.org/

      • Just ignore “Chris”…he is a Trump bot. Its his job to seek out online content that may lean to the left and cause unrest in the comments. The problem with this pathetic bot is he isn’t very intelligent and sucks at his job.

      • Actually, I am quoting the Minneapolis Police Chief, Medaria Arrodono, who is a person of color and is concerned about all of the people being shot in Minneapolis.


        Unlike the people on here who don’t give a shit about innocent people being gunned down in their own neighborhoods. Don’t we all have the right to be safe where we live?

        • You’re quoting a cop. Please seek out other perspectives.

          • I am quoting a person of color who is seeing dozens of people being shot within his community — many of them also people of color. Why do you tolerate this kind of violence?

            Your model essentially is CHOP in Seattle. Just the other day an African American teenager was murdered in CHOP with no police protection. Stop glorifying anarchists in the name of being politically correct.

        • Gomorrah Jones | June 24, 2020 at 6:09 pm | Reply

          Hey Trump Troll, stop trolling OMG. No matter what you say, we are NEVER going to vote for your fake president. There’s a reason Donald Dump ran as a Republican..the left is too smart to vote for a washed up reality TV actor.
          The fact that you come to this LGBTQ friendly site makes me sick to my stomach. You people have shown us nothing but hate, and yet somehow you think you can trick us into voting for the pig.
          Before you pretend to be offended and point out that your comment has nothing to do with Trump…let me point out that all one has to do is scroll through past political posts to see your right wing bias…its pretty obvious to all of us why you are here. You’re not fooling any of us. For the record, there is absolutely nothing you could say that would make be think that Biden (your usual target) is a worse candidate than Mein Trumpf. Spread your propaganda somewhere else, Nazi.

        • One more thing, you think because you’re quoting a black guy that means you prove your point? Only a racist would say something like that.

    • I’m sorry, but how exactly is this website calling for defunding the police? Reporting that Beyonce released a song is calling for defunding the police? You’re messed up dude.

  2. Yawn. Hasn’t this become her schtick?

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