16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: WWE Raw wrestler Austin Theory"

  1. Fab. His butts are yummy

  2. Blessed be this cock. What a monument!

  3. Nice cock

  4. Wow! He’s uncut! What a pleasant surprise! I love the pics of him with the facial hair!

  5. He clearly came out of a trailer park judging from his looks and dick…his mother/sister must be proud…

  6. That’s a really nice cock and a gorgeous man, but the lack of body hair is a HUGE turn off for me.

  7. An absolutely gorgeous specimen! YUM! Hot, all American, and incredibly fit! And that uncut CAWK, so delish! I would wrestle with him any day!


    • You sound very inbred….and chromosomally deficient.

    • Typical of all trash, Shannon doesn’t know she is inbred, particularly at 2:14 am when she’s been hitting the vodka and diet Pepsi hard……Time to pass out Shannon!

  9. No hair, don’t care.

  10. suppressing the site of the ass should be against the law, for most guys.

    • EXACTLY!! We want to see the booty

    • Butts are a big turn on for me as well so I am with you on that!

    • There’s an e-z solution for that .. .. .. go to a wrestling match.
      It doesn’t seem to matter whatever gets posted there’s always some guys that have a complaint .. .. just enjoy what you see & if you can’t do that .. move on.

  11. Wrestlers are my fav!!

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