!! OMG, balls in the air: Top 10 celebrity sacks !!

Juan Manuel Martino in We are Thr3e

These actors have balls — and, no, we are not just using the binary to reinforce hierarchacal values of boldness and bravery. We mean that the actors in this Top 10 list actually have substantial sacks.

And if we are measuring boldness, they did decide to show off their packages to the world in these film scenes, and for that we are grateful.

Check out the full Top 10 list of our fav ball-forward scenes after the NSFW jump!

Scroll down for the balls or view the full Enormous Balls playlist here.

Antonio BanderasAntonio Banderas in False Eyelash

Morgan SpectorMorgan Spector in Split

John ClarkJohn Clark in Any Given Sunday

Ewan BrennerEwen Bremner in Trainspotting

Marc RodriguezMarc Rodriguez in Diet of Sex

Juan Manuel MartinoJuan Manuel Martino in We are Thr3e

Max ParodiMax Parodi in Private

Zach McGowanZach McGowan in Shameless

Gianfranco LonghiGianfranco Longhi in Equation to an Unknown

Artem ScherbakovArtem Shcherbakov in Sun in My Mouth

See all the scenes in their full glory here!


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  1. Hello-

    I have seen the last film listed Sun in My Mouth on many lists about
    frontal male nudity. where is the film available?

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