!! OMG, WATCH: Blink 182’s Tom Delonge talks UFOs with Steve-O 🛸 !!

You probably know Blink 182‘s Tom Delonge from being an angsty teenager in your parent’s basement, growing up listening to him make songs about being sad and gross toilet humor – but what you didn’t know is that Tom is now at the forefront of UFO research and technology. Seriously! And apparently genuinely hooked up with the powers that be through his UFO research organization…

Check out Tom chatting with Jackass star and podcast host Steve-O after the jump! (And BONUS: SHITTYSOUP over on ONTD broke it all down in lil bits for y’all who want to read the cliff notes too.)

All About UFOs!

The history of how this all started with Tom Delonge:
-UFO talk starts at 20:30: Steve-o says it’s crazy how the government is admitting UFOs are real now and Delonge replies, “I did that. That’s why they’re doing that.” lmao – admits he doesn’t mean to sound like a dick but it’s just true!

-Talks about writing a book called Secret Machines and starting his company (To the Stars… Academy of Arts & Sciences) and figuring out what was going on with UFOs. He had to spend time working his way into a group of officials to get permission to put out his book because he was scared of what the government repercussions might be.

-Explains how during the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign – Delonge was having conversations with her campaign manager Jon Podesta (who was also an advisor to Barack Obama). He says he was speaking with Podesta to get to Obama. When Hillary Clinton’s emails got hacked by the Russians, all of this got outed. ONTD Post about the emails here. They’re also on Rolling Stone but it’s a banned source so no links.

-Delonge says that this ended up giving him credibility and other government officials joined up with him and are now all a part of his company. They took UFO videos to the NYTimes and outed the program. Now there are hearings taking place where the Navy, DOD, etc. have admitted UFOs are real.

What are the UFOs?

-Starts at 25:58 – Delonge says UFOs are NOT coming from other planets. They are NOT aliens! UFOs are inter-dimensional crafts.

-Time is parallel, says Delonge. He says a civilization that’s at the end of their technological cycle could build a submarine that materializes into our timeline.

-Talks about “glitches in the Matrix” and how there is a consciousness aspect to these events. He says the human mind is like an antenna. People are proactive in creating matter – when you think something, your mind creates it and it matters what you choose to see and feel because that’s what’s being created for you.

-Discusses poltergeist events that were studied at UCLA.

-Says “aliens” isn’t a great term – these are other entities. He speaks about clones, AI, bots, etc. that have an intelligence.

-Says the EMP wave of a nuclear blast travels into multiple dimensions.

-Talks about how UFOs have been around forever – from various religions, cults, and cultures.

-Describes a leaked document that described something coming from another planet that hit a meteor and came down and that humans retrieved the bodies in the crash. He found out during a meeting (with someone he can’t reveal) that it was misinformation – the whole point being to keep people believing that these entities are coming from other planets because it’s less scary. The reality is, they’re coming from here – from parallel dimensions.

-Says he thinks there are probably things on other planets, but that’s not what he thinks is going on here. He says the things that are materializing here have to do with frequencies and timelines. He doesn’t doubt inter-planetary travel – but that’s not what UFO research is suggesting is happening.

-Crazy discussion about “junk DNA” – 35:00 and a theory about entities unplugging our DNA because we were too dangerous as a species lol. This is why we can’t operate at higher frequencies anymore.

It’s bigger than you know!

-Starts at 41:04 – Says this is MORE than just a few things in the sky. This is massive and bigger than people understand. Says he was brought over to Italy with some guys with Italian intelligence. Apparently on the coast of Sicily, a bunch of apartments kept catching on fire. The government came in and quarantined the site – and detected energy beams coming from way out in the ocean. They saw UFOs out in the ocean. As the intelligence officers go to investigate in a helicopter – a UFO popped out of the ocean and shot the helicopter down. He says there is documented evidence of this happening.

-Says he thinks they can read minds and that they’re all over the place in our oceans.

-He says he has pieces of wreckage from the 40s under contract from the government right now – its being studied. Its highly anomalous and the engineering on it is crazy.

What do they want?
-Starts at 46:02 – Steve-o is optimistic thinking that maybe UFOs are good because they don’t want us to blow up the world with nuclear weapons.

-Delonge disagrees and says the evidence doesn’t suggest this. He says UFOs don’t want us getting too powerful. If you go back thousands of years, what was happening? He says it’s about managing and suppressing consciousness, confusing our belief systems, keep us separated, and keeping humans from getting to powerful.

-They discuss the possibility that these entities are nourished by emotions like fear. Also the idea that a being evolved without a soul or consciousness – where they can’t feel and don’t understand it.


-All the evidence points to the same direction – they’re very interested in our consciousness and our soul and that we don’t all align as a species and understand what we’re capable of.

-Talks about consciousness and telepathy being a primal frequency.

-Says he just downloaded a ton of documents from the ’50s from the McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation describing how to merge your conscious and subconscious together to move objects and how that will propel their designed crafts.

-Says it’s more like “competing intelligences” – more than 1 type of entity related to UFOs.

-Discusses the idea that we have the technology to destroy the planet and each other before we have the spirituality to not do that and how it relates to duality in the universe.

-Yin and Yang is the perfect representation of how the universe works and the inherent duality that we’re stuck in the middle of.

-Talks about energy healing, meditation, manifesting and levitation through consciousness.

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