!! OMG, here are some of the smartest signs from the #BlackLivesMatter protests !!

When you want to make your point, it’s best to get cutting AND creative all at once! That’s exactly what these BLM protesters did. Check out some of the best signs spotted at the BlackLivesMatter protests around the globe after the jump!


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5 Comments on "OMG, here are some of the smartest signs from the #BlackLivesMatter protests"

  1. Captain Howdy | July 8, 2020 at 6:59 pm | Reply

    Why is it so hard for 48% of Americans to be decent folks that treat others with respect? While Donald Dumpster divides the country against each other, I am grateful that people are standing up for whats right. The things black people have gone through and are still going through in the country makes me sick. White folks, stop being a bunch of pricks. Cause you’re making the rest of us look bad.

  2. @ Jess Even with all these police most crimes go unsolved.

  3. Record high number of shootings in NYC, Chicago and Atlanta last July 4th weekend. And they want to defund the police?!

    • What they’re saying is that there are better services that we can create or that are currently in existence that we can use to provide safety and security for our community in a better way, and certainly in a way that doesn’t result in the insane amount of police killings of Black people.
      Defunding the police has been done successfully on smaller scales. I don’t know why I’m responding, because you’re clearly one of the Trump trolls.
      Just wondering…how much do you get paid to plant the seeds of unrest and doubt in peoples minds? Whoever is paying you should ask for their money back…because your efforts are very transparent.

  4. In 50 years from now these people will be remembered as heroes, and Trump and all his bigoted basket of deplorables will be remembered as the villains. The only good thing to come out of Trump is that now the racist Nazi pigs have come out of the shadows, so we can see exactly what we’re fighting against.

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