!! Boys, Boys, Boys !!

Sabrina is here to bring a little fun-in-the-sun to your drab Monday. The official video for her 1987 hit single “Boys, Boys, Boys” features champagne in the pool, giant beach balls, and one very tiny bikini top that keeps poor Sabrina busy for the entire three and a half minutes. (via Fourfour)

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6 Comments on "Boys, Boys, Boys"

  1. I remember this! I used to love this song. (Hey, I was 9) I saw several nip slips. the most when there’s about 1 min left and another almost at the end. I can’t believe they let this on “Top of the Pops” LOL


  3. Duuuude! This is TOO funny! I thought I was the only one in North America who even remembers who Sabrina was. What the HELL inspired you to put this up???? anyway, thanks for the walk down nostalgia lane. BTW I really dig your blog.

  4. She looks great in this video… wow =)

  5. That video is fucking insane. I can’t believe she was on a major label!

  6. You can totally see the top of her nipples in the beginning. I like how she’s honest and upfront about being a whore.
    If I were in the audience I’d try to hit her with the beach balls too.
    Watch the girl in the black swim suit behind her in the beginning, she totally picks a wedgie before going under water.
    Also, what the hell was she drinking?

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