!! OMG, fancy a sweet? A British candy round-up !!

Oliver Jackson-Cohen, and James McArdle in Man in the Orange Shirt

Oliver Jackson-Cohen and James McArdle in Man in the Orange Shirt

God bless these queens! We have the Brits to thank for some of the hottest gay scenes in movies and television, and we had a lot to choose from for this round-up, so we decided to get specific and keep it anal!

These are the hottest scenes featuring actors from the UK fully committing to the art of the bedroom scene. It’s honest work and we support it.

See all the cheeky scenes after the NSFW jump!

Scroll down for the butt-i-full moments and view the full scenes here.

Harry Lister Smith had a quick toilet tryst with Josh O’Connor in God’s Own Country, the UK’s shepherds-on-a-mountain version of Call Me By Your Name.

In the same movie, Alec Secareanu and O’Connor had many sexy moments as well.

Edward Holcroft takes it from Ben Whishaw in London Spy, a movie with loads of hot scenes.

Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsberg got some spotted dick from Olen Holm in Kill Your Darlings.

The twink version of Charlie Hunnam lost his virginity to Aidan Gillen in Queer As Folk.

Phil Dunster got down with Julian Morris in Man In An Orange Shirt. This film also has loads of tender, cuddly gay moments between actors Oliver Jackson-Cohen and James McArdle.

Tom Cullen got tenderly taken by Chris New in Weekend. Now that is how you spend a weekend. See all the sexy scenes from Weekend here.

Last, but certainly not least Richard Madden had a taste of Taron Egerton’s rocket in Rocketman. Okay, he’s Scottish. Sue us!

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9 Comments on "OMG, fancy a sweet? A British candy round-up"

  1. Awful to compare God’s Own Country to CMBYN. One is a queer masterpiece, the other is just gay story sanitised for straights.

  2. Sue you for not knowing what British means? Good idea!

  3. Your intro said “Brits” and “actors from the UK”, so why are you clarifying that Madden is Scottish? Scottish people are “Brits” because the island composed of Scotland, England, and Wales is called Great Britain. Scotland is also part of the UK. Brit does not equal English.

  4. Duke of Britain | June 13, 2021 at 10:51 pm | Reply

    Scotland is a part of Britain. Just as England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. They are all classified as British. All the countries together are called Great Britain.

  5. Hello-

    the version of Man in An Orange Shirt shown in the U.S. on PBS and released
    on dvd is an edited version. it is not the original U.K. version.

  6. If you’re Scottish you are British. Scotland is a country within Great Britain.

  7. The Man in the Orange Shirt is actually wonderful, if you haven’t seen it. I loved the story line so much and the actors did such an amazing job…

  8. Great nudity in both, but the reveal in London Spy made me hate the series and I hated the newer generation’s commitment-phobia in Man in an Orange Shirt.

  9. London Spy is a mini series not a film.

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