!! OMG, throwback: Behind the scenes of ‘Frozen’ with Madonna ! !!

Do you have a favourite Madonna era??? Ours might be Madonna now—A fine woman in her own world who won’t take anyone’s bullshit! Maybe delusional, but fierce!!!

But 25 years ago, Madonna was in her goth phase. Can you call Ray of Light that? Experimenting with abstract sounds, scratching surfaces of Eastern philosophies, and standing in the Mojave desert doing interpretive dances in her flowy gown. I think you can!!

We’ve all seen the hauntingly beautiful video for “Frozen,” but you should all see Madonna talk her dark ideas through!

Check out raven-haired Madge in a behind-the-scenes video from 1998, after the jump.




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3 Comments on "OMG, throwback: Behind the scenes of ‘Frozen’ with Madonna !"

  1. I like behind the scene stuff like this. Madonna should release more of these.

  2. Her album “Ray of Light” literally saved my life. Back then I was very young and very troubled and in a suicide spiral. The only thing that got me through was listening to it thousands of times. I have always loved her and am am so thankful for her.

    • Good for you. I’m happy that you’re alive.

      Listening to Madonna songs makes me forget my problems too.

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