!! OMG, hey buckeroo! Caitlyn Jenner rebrands herself as the poster child for Christianity in new campaign ad !!

“Together we’ll send a message to Sacramento that the power belongs to the people and we only worship God!”

Cait has released a new campaign video which talks mostly about how dumb taxes are and why folks need to spend more time worshipping God just like she does every Sunday.

She goes on to say that if she’s elected governor of California, she’ll focus her attention on two things: Lowering taxes on small businesses and worshipping God. Check her out after the jump! Thoughts?

[via queerty]

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9 Comments on "OMG, hey buckeroo! Caitlyn Jenner rebrands herself as the poster child for Christianity in new campaign ad"

  1. She is a loser, and now she is trying to rope God into her strange world. Taxes babe pays for keeping up California, just you are trying to not pay taxes on your Millions.

  2. Eventually she’s going to have no choice but to just walk away. I pity the queen who’s financing all this, I don’t know what he was thinking if he predicted she was going to replace anybody. What a waste of $$$.

  3. That fucking idiot is just another egomaniac damn TV moron… we pushed one out of office already last year we do NOT need another one in California!

  4. The United States of America is NOT a theocracy, ma’am! Franklin Graham and his ilk have already declared you are going to hell, boo! You will not be able to gloss over the fact that you were once Bruce and now Caitlyn. They will deadname you and misgender you the first chance they get. But this is representative of the current GOP. Say and do anything to get in power. Only the die-hard fundamentals will vote for you and that’s only because they will be using you to get what they want. Everyone else ‘will reject your triflin’ heiny!! sweet Lord Almighty, sashay away!!!

  5. Aw c’mon, honey….do you really expect anyone to take you seriously? I certainly hope that California voters are more mature and more aware than to fall for you bullshit.

  6. What a sad, sad, little, little, person this is…
    Now please GO AWAY!!!

  7. Is she really THAT STUPID? That the fundamentals with their anti-LGBTQ hearts will accept a TRANSWOMAN to be governor? Da fuq do you know about God anyway bish? I need her to retire and just sashay away!

  8. She did walk by a church once.

  9. Bless her heart

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