!! OMG, Caitlyn Jenner’s bizarre CNN interview doesn’t help her case… to say the least !!

Even though Cait is polling at just 1%, behind every other candidate in California’s gubernatorial recall election, she was invited onto CNN to discuss the pressing issues. Cait chats about how she flew to Australia during the middle of her campaign to film a reality show, why she isn’t “resonating” with voters, how much she absolutely despises “illegals”, immigrants, and Texas’s draconian new abortion law. Check out what Cait has to say above!

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6 Comments on "OMG, Caitlyn Jenner’s bizarre CNN interview doesn’t help her case… to say the least"

  1. Caitlyn opposes the Texas abortion, but she says that Texas can make their own laws. She says “UM” too much. The recall election is because Trump lost the 2020 election. That’s stupid if the recall is because the State was closed down for a year. What would the Republicans have done? She comes off ditzier than Bruce did. She kept changing the subject when asked a question. There was no way Caitlyn was going to win. She went to be on a TV show during her campaign. That’s how important it was. She just used the election so on the TV show, they would add something like Gubernatorial Candidate by her name. That tells the voters how she would be as Governor. She would always want to be on TV. Not doing the job. The only thing she said she was for was “lower taxes” and “less regulations”. Republicans are willing to sacrifice our planet, clean water, clean air, if there’s a dollar to be made. Larry Elder was a BAD choice to make him their favorite. He would almost be worse than Trump.

  2. I’m only scared for California in the sense that there is a very REAL chance Larry Elder could be the next governor!

  3. Felicia Girl, BYE!!!

  4. She clearly is dancing around the Texas and DeSantis questions, but I can’t really find anything about this interview that’s particularly different or “bizarre” than she usually is. It’s interesting that she continues to be totally in denial of her rank status in this election. If she really is at 1% in the polls, she’s going to be in for quite a shock when she sees how few votes she’s going to receive on the 14th.

  5. Caitlyn is so full of it. She has that phony way of exaggerating her points that she is unbelievable. She’s got some balls on her to continue her camp pain,(campaign is misspelled on purpose and it stays).

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