!! OMG, Celebrities express their support for #FreeBritney after bombshell hearing !!

Britney Spears has finally said “NOT TODAY SATAN” and appealed to the court to end her conservatorship – revealing many disturbing details as to how she’s been controlled and treated behind the scenes.

Celebrities from all over the globe are coming together to support Britney in her struggle. The likes of Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey and Halsey, among many others, are expressing their support for her on various social media with the hashtag #FreeBritney. Check them out after the jump!


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8 Comments on "OMG, Celebrities express their support for #FreeBritney after bombshell hearing"

  1. We’ve heard Britney’s side of the story. Now, it’s time to hear the conservator’s side. No rush to judgment. Celebs should hold back.

  2. She’s a big girl. She can handle herself. This FreeBritney cult is f*cking annoying.
    She’s not important. Her music sucks. Move on to more important things like voter suppression going on right now in republican states. anti-transgender laws going on right now in republicans states. Queens get your priorities right or we all lose. This is NOT important at all to us.It’s kind of gross that LGBT sites are focusing on this crap rather than important matters.

    • This is an incredibly ignorant statement to make. It’s not just about her but about exposing the abuse that takes place under conservatorships for many people. Just because it doesn’t personally matter to you does not mean media sites should not report it. The world does not revolve around your personal interests, and not every single thing has to be about LGBTQ. Taking away a woman’s freedom does matter. I’m not personally a Britney fan, but she is loved by the community and for good reason. She has always been supportive to gay rights.
      Once again, this is about the bigger picture. If it was a gay singer who was being forced to do things they didn’t want to do you’d probably be out there with a pitchfork. Try not to be such a hypocrite.
      And finally, don’t be arrogant enough to claim you speak for everyone “This is NOT important to us”…I’ll decide what is important to me, not you, and the rest of the readers on this site will do the same.

    • We lose by losing sight of the intersectionality of oppression. Britney is one case, yes, and it’s horrible that a woman this much in the public eye can be legally stripped of her rights to autonomy. If it can happen to her and we don’t speak up about it, it will (likely continue to) happen to our community. That’s how systemic oppression works. And if that’s not of interest to you, move on, but calling others out for having capacity to care about many forms of evil in our society feels really gross.

    • Can someone put you in a conservatorship? You’re an idiot.

    • It’s called OMG Blog, queen. Maybe find a different gay blog that is more aligned with your standards. BTW you are not as smart as you think you are if you don’t understand what years of psychological abuse can do to someone, making them feel powerless. Please drink a tall glass of STFU and f*ck off.

    • Also Humanc, while we are all ripping you a new a**hole: Why are you only listing things that are relevant to the U.S? Do we even know for fact that this website is based in the U.S? All of the things you listed that should be posted here are about the Republican states. I’m European, and I’m sure there are global readers here. So you insisting that it should be stuff that is only relevant to your country shows how far up your own a$$ you really are.

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