!! OMG, Happy Friday! Hosted by Chris Hemsworth’s board shorts !!

Praise be! Oh, how we’d let Chris Hemsworth scramble our egg any time! Check out bubbly Chris making breakfast and swimming in the clingy ocean after the jump! Start the weekend out right.


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5 Comments on "OMG, Happy Friday! Hosted by Chris Hemsworth’s board shorts"

  1. He reeks of big dig energy, but dat ass though. Deep sea diving, fo sure! I swear, Aussie men are so hot, and Chris and his brother are no exception.

  2. *faints

  3. He and his brother are both HOT! I’d suck their cocks no matter the size or if they are cut or uncut! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m sure someone with agree with me too! LOLOL

  4. That’s the shorts, not his peen. Deceiving.

  5. Real nice peenie bulge in that thar last photo of him with the surf board!


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