!! Christina Aguilera’s ‘Hurt’ video !!

I’ve always longed to see Christina Aguilera as a carnie, and in her new video for the ballad “Hurt,” she does not disappointment. Not only is she a carnie, but a sexy carnie who rides an elephant, and has a complicated relationships with her father. The video is beautifully art directed and shot, and apparently Xtina herself had a hand in the direction.
The song is also great, so combined with “Ain’t No Other Man,” Xtina is two for two in my book. I may have to listen to her new album after all.
Watch the video here.

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3 Comments on "Christina Aguilera’s ‘Hurt’ video"

  1. This song just left me totally speechless when I first heard it. I instantly connected and was drawn deep into it. Its meaning has such wide-span connection in which you can not only relate it to relationships that are damaged but to ongoing emotional relationships that are harmed. Her voice is absolutely stunning in this song, don’t believe her tone could be matched. It shows such a perfect balance and control that is soley hers. My hats off to her. I believe this is the best, and most mature, album she’s ever put out to this date. It’s given me a fresher respect for her as an artist and nice to see she makes herself vulnerable…makes us see she just like any of us. But this song is just beyond discription! Beautiful with infinite power.

  2. yes, I recommend you listen to the album…
    ive gotten even my most skeptic friends hooked on it.
    true story

  3. I agree, I love christina’s video, and I think that this new 20’s look she is into at the moment is really classy. She looks great in both the “ain’t no other man” video and this new one and i seriously recomend her album, its got so many great songs on it, i can’t wait to see what her next single will be, and what the video will be like!

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