!! OMG, he’s naked: Ricardo Baldin !!

From Terra’s The Boy series, we have another fine Brazilian specimen saucily showing us his pubes and a bit more. His name is Ricardo Baldin, and I hope he makes your weekend a little better. See his racier photos after the jump [NSFW].
Previously featured: Rafael Lazzini

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3 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Ricardo Baldin"

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Handsome. Has anyone else noted that all of the Boys are white? Latin America is diverse but the Boys aren’t. That says something about the culture of Latin America.

  3. daddy jack digs the boys in white skivies when they are a little wet.
    i am now getting very comfortable growing into my early stage old tired queen phase of life.
    jack e. jett

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