!! Clay Aiken misses the final note !!

Maybe it’s mean to kick him while he’s down, but I do think Clay Aiken was at fault in the whole Kelly Ripa/Rosie O’Donnell flap, plus the donkey noise he makes at the end of this song is pretty funny. Make sure you wait until the very end. I think it could have been fine if he had just grinned and said “oops!”.
(Thanks to Coco for the tip!)

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2 Comments on "Clay Aiken misses the final note"

  1. If it’s so mean to kick someone while they’re down, then why are you doing so? Enough is enough already!! What is it with all this Clay bashing?? I can’t comprehend the malice, the hostility and yes, the pure enjoyment that people derive from seeing someone mess up. It is simply intolerable to me. Is there no humanity left in this world? Do people really need to tear someone apart in order to make themselves feel superior?? Clay is a good person, a kind person. He’s not only talented, but he’s contributed a lot more to society than so many other so-called pop stars have done. Okay, so he isn’t perfect. Then again, who is? I say, leave the guy alone already and let him live in peace!!!

  2. The video has been removed from YouTube it appears.

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