!! OMG, how dangerous: Nintendo Wii !!

First the new Nintendo Wii game system was the coolest thing that no one could find. Now it has an added element of danger that will ensure all the kids will be crying for it at Christmas. But they may not stop crying even if they get it.
Wii Have a Problem is chronicling all the disasters that have ensued from hijinks (sometimes drunken) that involve the Wii remote, and what has been revealed to be the very fragile wrist-strap that is the only thing keeping your Wii controller from flying through your television screen.
And sometimes the wrist strap can’t protect you at all, such as when you over-extend and put your hand into the ceiling fan (see above photo). The Wii is definitely a “play at your own risk” system and that only makes me want one more. (via Nervous Breakdown)

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