!! OMG, newly-out Bachelor star, Colton Underwood, takes its all off for ‘gritty’ new Attitude Magazine shoot !!

Fashion photographer Damon Baker has shot Bachelor star Colton Underwood in nothing but a leather jacket for a brand-new photoshoot for Attitude Magazine! He’s been out two minutes, and he’s already monetizing his body for thirst traps. — HOW GAY OF HIM!

The shoot is one of The Bachelor star’s first since coming out as gay in an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America earlier this year.
The images have been captured by celebrated fashion photographer Damon Baker, who has photographed the likes of Troye Sivan and Taron Egerton for the cover of Attitude magazine in the past.

Check out the full shoot after the jump!



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30 Comments on "OMG, newly-out Bachelor star, Colton Underwood, takes its all off for ‘gritty’ new Attitude Magazine shoot"

  1. Hi has a Matthew Camp sort of vibe. But what has he done beside appear on some reality show? I guess that an Only Fans web presence is next.

  2. That’s it? Meh

  3. Chris Haynes | July 3, 2021 at 10:29 am | Reply

    SO gross

  4. william ali | July 3, 2021 at 5:29 am | Reply

    ive heard he will never go full frontal as he has a tiny dick he’s a douche bag

  5. ROFL not even a bulge shot? YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  6. Hot!…Hot!!..HOT!!!

  7. Enough of this loser please.

  8. Nope….

  9. Bair Jolsonaro | July 2, 2021 at 8:55 pm | Reply





  10. YAWN

  11. Why are you giving this stalker screen time? Seriously? Awful.

  12. SeattleSounder | July 2, 2021 at 6:14 pm | Reply

    Jesus christ are we so short on bland ripped white gay men that we need to report on every movement of this girlfriend-stalking trash can?

  13. he’s a BORE!!!! he only came out for publicity for a show. Maybe if he did it LONG before signing up for a show, people would like him more.

  14. He literally looks like every other gym buff guy you’d see in gay porn. Zzzzzzzzzz.

  15. What is this bullshit??? Who cares about him? He’s garbage. Just another basic white guy with major control issues. I implore you, take this down. Don’t give him the time of day.

  16. No butt pics? Man……

  17. He’s hot so if you got it flaunt it. I know if I looked like that I would be too.

  18. Yummy!

  19. He’s annoying AF, but I must confess I love his furry bod. Wish there was a peek at his bush.

  20. He’ll be seen hanging out with Aaron schock in 3…2…1….

  21. Next stop, “artistic” gay porn.

  22. Glen w Roebuck | July 2, 2021 at 9:57 am | Reply

    Voted For Trump – possible narcissist, stalker – why are we glorifying him? Oh yeah he is handsome one fit….Jesus. Manipulated a coming out story to get a reality show, now gets a photoshoot spread. What was Aaron Shrock busy?

    • I have a running joke with my friends that every new thot who tries to hitch their coming out story to a bunch of sexy gay magazine covers is an automatic recipient of the next HRC visibility award. Curious if Gus Kenworthy is worried about his gig now. Makes me wonder if there aren’t more gays we could be celebrating, especially ones who’ve been out, and out in a context where they don’t stand to gain a windfall of career opportunities.

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