!! Connecticut: GO VOTE TODAY !!

Today voters in Connecticut have the opportunity to make history by removing notorious Bush apologist and phony Democrat Joe Lieberman from the U.S. Senate. Recent polls have shown his opponent Ned Lamont with a slight lead, but today is the day that Lamont supporters need to get out in full force and vote.
If you live in Connecticut and don’t know where to vote, you can find your polling station here.
Just get there, vote, and do your part to kiss Joe Lieberman goodbye.

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4 Comments on "Connecticut: GO VOTE TODAY"

  1. With all due respect to you DingDong, I think “strategists” have about as much cred as “stylists.” Don’t you think the Moveon.org people consider themselves strategists as well? Everyone has a strategy; yours is just different. -F

  2. Hooray to Connecticut from Canada. Job well done. Now, if you can just keep Joe off the ballot in November, no one’s shot themselves in the foot….

  3. I love this blog. I love Queerty. I dont love it when you give political advice.
    Am I a republican? NO!!!!! Do I think you might be a republican? YES!!!!
    Your advice today on voting for Lamont is horrible. I work for a strategy firm.
    If the democrats want to win this fall, no chance if Lamont wins in the primary. Connecitcut has to keep the seat democrat.
    Less likely if Lieberman runs as indedepent. He could win. Not clear what party he would align to after being treated so badly.
    And, a LaMont candidacy gets republicans who would have stayed at home out to vote.
    Overall then, thanks dude, you helped the democrats lose an easy senate race this year.
    I dont say this to be mean. I would not have thought all this out myself, but I work with a bunch of strategists who are dying for a Lieberman win. Why do you think Hilary, Schumer, Lanny Davis, etc. all supported him?
    His loss will not remove George Bush. It will strengthen him.
    You can debate the details of another Lieberman term, but they are much less ominous than having the senate stay republican (which it should not but for crap like the Lamont primary) or having the democrats look ridiculous in the national news once Liberman announces his independent campaign.
    The senate is a slam dunk for the democrats. That is, unless they cannot resist nominating the Ned Lamonts.

  4. Believe me, I live in Ct, and we need to get Joe out of office. I’m off to vote now, lets hope for the best!

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