!! Who’s kidnapping Jessica Simpson? !!

It’s not even close to Halloween, yet Jessica Simpson arrived in shiny, black costume at L.A.’s newest hotspot Les Deux on the arm of some freaky looking guy in a white suit and a funny hat. He looks a bit like the Cryptkeeper, and he’s carrying a cane that probably is hiding a sword. Maybe he’s her dance instructor.
One more photo after the jump.

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9 Comments on "Who’s kidnapping Jessica Simpson?"

  1. BZ, is that last comment really you? If it is, I would like to have you badly.

  2. You guys are all jealous nerds, keep beating off to her while Josh owns it!!

  3. why is she socializing with her drug dealer? thats a big hollywood no no!

  4. This guy is the best friend of keanu Reeves – maybe he picks Jessica up for Keanu.

  5. She’s come so far since leaving Nick.

  6. it’s worse than a cryptkeeper.
    it’s josh richman, the idiot promoter(doorman) who’s been doing this kinda job forever. get another job, you LOSER…

  7. The CryptKeeper is famous LA Club promoter Josh Richman.

  8. claire booth luce | August 8, 2006 at 4:56 pm | Reply

    It’s the dessert man. He promised her a twinky and icecream.

  9. it looks like her dad!

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