!! OMG he’s naked: Cooper Koch, in pretty much all his roles !!

You’ll be wanting to get to know actor Cooper Koch, if you don’t already, since it seems he likes to strip down for his roles, such as in the 2016 short film Body Witness, 2022’s queer thriller They/Them, and the brand new queer body-horror film Swallowed.

According to the director Carter Smith, Swallowed promises much frontal nudity. Conveniently it is being released on VOD on February 14th, cause Valentines!

See pics and the Swallowed trailer after the NSFW jump.

Did you catch the glimpse of a naked Koch?

UPDATE: We have the nudes from Swallowed here.

Still can’t quite see it? Watch the film on Google Play, or, if body horror isn’t your thing, check out all of Koch—all body, no horror—in the 2016 short film Body Witness.

And just to literally round it out… Koch’s juicy booty in They/Them.

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6 Comments on "OMG he’s naked: Cooper Koch, in pretty much all his roles"

  1. Wasn’t Body Witness on Vimeo?

  2. Yes, the cock is nice, but those balls!

  3. Hey OMG,

    Won’t you guys please, PLEASE take the size restrictions away from the images, and make them clickable again?

    In order to get to the full resolution, your readers have to currently click “view image,” remove the size restrictions in the address bar (in this case “-780×439” and “-780×520” or whatever it may be next time), and hit enter, in order to get to the original. It’s such an unnecessary hassle!

    You change this every couple of months, and it just doesn’t make any sense! In this case, SIZE MATTERS!!!

  4. What a beautiful fat cock!

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