!! OMG, new music: ‘Count 2 Ten’ by Deer !!

Photo by Medin Valencia

“Count 2 Ten” is the latest single and video by Mexico City-based multidisciplinary artist Deer. A member of the Shadow Squad—an underground Emo trap collective—Deer’s sound and visuals are both dark and colorful, tackling themes like mental health and self-acceptance.





Photo by Medin Valencia

The video for “Count 2 Ten” is a haunting stop motion video collage created by BikProd (@bik.prod) using editorial imagery shot by Medin Valencia (@medin_), and the song is a pulsing, gloomy track that literally creeps up on you.

Imagine if a high-paced thriller sequence through the woods was a reverbed electro song, or if “Videogames” by Lana Del Rey were goth—we’re loving this Witch House revival vibe!

Photo by Medin Valencia

Watch the video for “Count 2 Ten” after the jump, and listen to the track on your fave platform here.

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