!! Dieux du Stade 2007 preview !!

First: I want to let you all know that postings will continue to be a little slow until next week, when they will resume their usual plentitude.
Next: some pictures of sexy French footballers. I am an admitted fan of the Dieux du Stade calendars (see here and here), so of course when I ran across these delightful preview photos of the 2007 calendar over at Parisianboys, I wanted you all to see them too.

After the jump, see naked French soccer muscle looking as fine as ever, and maybe even a little raunchier [NSFW]. Humping the shower floor in a jockstrap takes things to a new level.

And just for good measure, my favorite image from the 2006 Dieux du Stade calendar:
Is he even trying to cover it up?
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    First the preview photos, then the behind-the-scenes footage, the 2007 Dieux Du Stade calendar is making it onto the Internet in little, sexy pieces. As a special Friday treat, I bring you a few more today that are especially racy. Check them out afte…

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