!! OMG, Disney has shared a clip of Melissa McCarthy as Ursula singing ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’ !!

…and no slight to Melissa, but SPOILER: This looks terrible af! The only ‘poor unfortunate souls’ are the people who paid 18 dollars to go see this garbagio. They can’t even keep her face in the proper place on the CGI body! Bucketloads of money and that’s what they end up with. SMDH.

Divine must be rolling in her grave! Check it out after the jump. Thoughts?

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10 Comments on "OMG, Disney has shared a clip of Melissa McCarthy as Ursula singing ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls’"

  1. Its looks bad she seems like she’s phoning it in.

  2. This clip? Not only is it bad, but it’s terribly (what were they thinking?) bad. It’s like being forced to watch a Drag Queen show on Tuesday nights…bad. She’s not singing- She’s talking and mumbling. The music seems three beats behind the words and the fish look silly…

    If you must watch the movie, wait for the movie to arrive on Disney+ and save yourself $18 dollars and public embarrassment.

  3. Justin Smith | May 18, 2023 at 10:16 pm | Reply

    Actually, Melissa has gone on the record as a huge Divine fan & modeled her performance after her, so I doubt she is “rolling over in her grave”. Also, what are you on about with the faces? Stop making things up to excuse being a hater for no reason. Garbage review.

  4. I liked it. Whoever wrote this about the clip, you wrong.

  5. I thought it looked cool and the CGI worked and I don’t think she looked bored but is a villain trying to trick our heroin into giving up her voice. I’m still excited for the movie!

  6. This review is horribly wrong and you are a hater. Tell them why you’re really mad.

  7. I’m gonna love the live action version of this film. I don’t see any of the issues the reviewer is talking about.

  8. She looks so incredibly bored..,

  9. She looks so incredibly bored.

  10. It’s a different performance, it’s Melissa making the role her own, I see nothing wrong with the face to CGI match up at all, …and no slight to Igor, but SPOILER: This review is terrible af!

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