!! Do you know a Latonky? !!

I just learned a new word this morning! Latonky. I received an ad request promoting the site latonky.com, which I of course approved, but I thought I would do one better than that.
From Latonky.com:

Who says Latinos can’t like Country Western music? Yup, we’ve heard that before, but you know what we realized? We are not alone. There are so many Latinos that are fans of country music, the lifestyle, or just the fashion. We thought why not just put it out there…We are Latonkys.

You can even buy Latonky t-shirts, and of course the Latonky story is not to be missed.

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1 Comment on "Do you know a Latonky?"

  1. Don’t forget the always fun Tacobillies! Those lovable Rockabilly Latinos that wear the pompadour proudly while they search desperately for the next Morrissey (strangely enough) show coming to a town near them.

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