!! Elizabeth Edwards vs. Ann Coulter !!

Elizabeth Edwards called into Hardball yesterday to confront special horse-faced guest Ann Coulter about all the personal attacks she has made on John Edwards over the years, which include calling him a “faggot” and suggesting that he has a bumper sticker that reads “Ask me about my dead son.”

Coulter replied in her typical immature fashion by trying to talk over Edwards, but eventually Edwards got her point across and was the only one to receive applause from the crowd (not counting the three dummies standing directly behind Coulter who were obviously hired to laugh at her jokes). Host Chris Matthews even got in the action by asking Coulter to explain her recent references to Hillary Clinton’s “chubby legs,” to which Coulter insisted he provide the full context of the statement.

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17 Comments on "Elizabeth Edwards vs. Ann Coulter"

  1. Richard Cook | July 16, 2007 at 2:23 pm | Reply

    Coulter claims to be a Christian, but the Bible she reads must be the satanic bible. Her hero must be Hitler, she hates freedom, and hates the Constitution only becaue it does not apply to only her. She is a morally bankrupt coward who,like Bush, thinks she is above the law.

  2. independent86 | July 6, 2007 at 4:55 pm | Reply

    patsy, i’m going to say this with a little ann coulter finesse for believing crap, “you’re a patsy”

  3. ahhhh all the lovely comments just prove over and over how intolerable you libs are! haha
    THANKS for being so predictable! I’m gonna celebrate Independence Day! We even allow YOU people to live here hahahaha

  4. I’m SO SURE independent86 is a gay man and an independent. For Real!
    Nothing Elizabeth said was “horseshit.”
    Elizabeth called Ann out for 3 things Ann has said about her husband: Ann called him a [email protected], said he should have a bumper sticker saying ‘ask me about my dead son,’ and said from now on she’d just wish he died in a terrorist assassination plot.
    Elizabeth has EVERY RIGHT to ask this monster to stop the hateful personal attacks and try to debate on the issues instead. It is people like Ann Coulter who are debasing political discourse in the country.
    Shame on her for speaking such garbage and shame on the networks for booking her and giving her a mouthpiece.

  5. Coulter is a bitch, and I don’t think that even she’d disagree. I don’t agree with most of what she says or how she says it. But I do love her loud BS meter. It’s no secret to anyone that the Edwards have had their share of misfortune. The Edwards also know that people are suckers for a sob story… and they really milk it.

  6. independent86 | June 30, 2007 at 1:26 am | Reply

    as a gay man, i don’t always agree with republicans, but this is a perfect example of how liberals can make me sick. everything that edwards said… horseshit. all of it twisted and taken out of context. i saw the show liz referred to! i don’t always agree with ann coulter, in fact i don’t really like her, but she has my firm support on this. i actually read her blog on her website, which i don’t think i would have ever done, and found what she said to be the same as what i know of this little “feud.” i would encourage everyone to look for the truth, rather than party lines. some of you who have commented on this should follow that advice. read coulter’s blog if you must–but better yet, find transcripts of that article and that show on the internet that edwards referred to. coulter is a name-caller, yes, which is true, but she has the truth on her side this time…. the edwards’, liz and john, are slimy goddamned liars

  7. Elizabeth Edwards is awesome! And her breasts are real. And she doesn’t have to puke after every meal. Let’s face it: poor, stupid ann has a lot of problems. hee hee.

  8. oh yeah …OH YEAH! These comments are exactly what i would expect from the ‘open-minded’ libs who hate anything that doesn’t cater to their wacky thoughts …
    Thanks for being you! You are perfect pictures of the tolerance that you so loudly proclaim.
    GO ANN GO!

  9. Ann Coulter is a bitch, all she did was open her fat ass mouth and talk over Mrs. Edwards. Ann is a bitch who needs to just shut the F*** up and go back to what ever ass hole she crawled out of!

  10. i live in germany and really do not know who ann coulter is… i’m assuming she is some second rate political analyst/comedian and from what i can see, she has a hideously unattractive combination of arrogance and stupidity. please spare us any further stories involving this pukesome person.

  11. In reply to “ohguy 937,” you need to get your facts right. The fact is, John Edwards did NOT make his wife go out and say “stop picking on my husband.” Elizabeth did this on her own will.. You need to go back and listen to ALL of the news and not just assume something that’s not true..

  12. Listen ohguy937, You are such a moron. It was a woman to woman thing. You’re such an asshole not to see that. Oh well, I guess that’s why you like that man-bitch

  13. Ann Coulter is stupid and senseless why does americans even waste time on her? The so-called “political” books she authored are just plain gossips.

  14. They both suck.
    But Ann Coulter knows nothing outside of personal attacks, so asking her to stop doing them is like asking Donald Trump to get a haircut.

  15. oh yeah …. you think Edwards ‘won’ this one? PUHHHLEASE! All i can say is, yep-thats who we want for a president: a guy who makes his wife go out and say ‘stop picking on my husband’. What a wench ….
    Pull your head out and enjoy her commentary!
    (and you have the nerve to call Ann horse-faced? HAVE YOU SEEN HILLARY!?!?!?! now THAT is U-G-L-Y!)

  16. I know, it’s immature, but look at how long her freaky alien hands are at the beginning as she’s running them thru her hair. just…eek.

  17. I know Mrs. Edwards has way too much class, however, she should drop kick Mann Coulter right in the Adams Apple and shut that fucking bitch up once and for all. If not for yourself Mrs. Edwards, do it for your country. Your husband would sure get my vote.

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