!! OMG, QUESTION: Does Nightwing have the finest ass of any superhero? !!

Nightwing is the alias of Dick Grayson, aka the original Robin. Nightwing wasn’t always taken seriously among comic book readers because of the homoerotic nature of Robin, plus Nightwing was drawn in a way that appealed to women. (Men have no problem with female superheroes who are objectified, but they won’t take a male drawn for the female gaze seriously.)

Um, we’ll take it seriously! And inspect it closely! Check out Dick Grayson’s fine ass after the jump!


[via ontd]

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3 Comments on "OMG, QUESTION: Does Nightwing have the finest ass of any superhero?"

  1. I think it’s actually canon that Dick Greyson is the hottest guy in the DC universe. Like…EVERYONE wants a piece of Dick. Pun FULLY intended.

  2. Nightwing is my favourite hero of all time. It doesn’t hurt that he is so good looking and has a killer body, especially the way the draw his ass. Beautiful!

  3. Amazing. When will they give us this level of bulge?

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