!! OMG, let your dog do it for you: Exercise !!

I used to go rollerblading, yes, rollerblading with my dog when I was a kid and that little bastard used to drag me around everywhere and bruise my ass up real good. I think that’s when I started becoming a greedy sub…but I digress. I should have had this dog-powered scooter instead! Your dog gets exercise and it looks way easier to control because of the hand brakes.
Read more HERE or check out the instructional video after the jump!
Thanks to TP for the tip.

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3 Comments on "OMG, let your dog do it for you: Exercise"

  1. i can’t get the song from this video out of my head and the lyrics are insane. i transcribed them here. hilarious.

  2. Great idea, but kinda useless to the average gay man…unless they make the harness in Chihuahua size.

  3. I’d bruise your ass. You could even put a leash on me if you like.

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