!! OMG, an EXTENDED trailer for Canada’s upcoming Drag Race is here !!

Get an even closer, in-depth look at what the first season of Canada’s Drag Race holds for the queens of the North above!

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3 Comments on "OMG, an EXTENDED trailer for Canada’s upcoming Drag Race is here"

  1. I’ve lived in both countries, and I always thought its odd that Americans think that Canadians say aboot and eh. Aboot is an Nova Scotia accent…which makes up a small percentage of Canadians…so that would be like Canada thinking all American’s sound like the cast of the Jersey Shore. As for eh, the only ones who end their sentences in eh are the uneducated hicks, living in backwater towns. I find the majority of Canadians sounds no different than people from Seattle or Oregon. Canadians grew up on American TV, so that’s what most of them sound like.

  2. Wow! Canada is truly another level eh. Do I have to get a VPN thing to watch this from Flo-ri-da? Cuz I’m all aboot it.

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