!! OMG, Trump campaign posts Craigslist ad looking to hire ‘MINORITY’ actors for his rally !!

It seems as if the Trump campaign has posted a Craigslist ad looking to hire “minority” actors for his rally in Tulsa. Somehow we’re not surprised. The Trump campaign has denied involvement in the ad.

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17 Comments on "OMG, Trump campaign posts Craigslist ad looking to hire ‘MINORITY’ actors for his rally"

  1. Trump’s assault victim: “Oh my god it was awful! Those tiny hands! It was like I was being groped by a 4 year old!”

  2. BS You have a SERIOUS case of TDS. get help!!!! How bout some fact checking. Oh wait, you don’t care about facts.

    • And Trump cares about facts? Seriously, I can’t believe how many of you are so upset that OMG posted a satirical piece on your precious pussy grabber. Grab a sense of humour…before Mein Trumpf grabs you for being such a giant bunch of pussies.

      • “pussy grabber” I don’t know why liberals are so upset with him saying that when they are the most morally bankrupt people on the planet.

        • Who said I was upset? Whats more perplexing is that the right is able to tolerate the pussy grabbing…considering they claim to be so morally upstanding. I guess it boils down to this…if you claim to be against Muslims, Mexicans and the gays…who cares if you sexually assault women, pay off porn stars to keep their mouth shut and marry a women who did porn…seriously, the First lady did porn! How is this okay to the right? I couldn’t care less that she did porn, I am “morally bankrupt”, but you guys are supposed to be our moral compass…LMFAO! The right are a bunch of sexually repressed hypocrites…probably the biggest closet pervs on the planet. Quick question, Aunt B…How much do you jerk off to all the nude men on OMG? Don’t even try to say you don’t, girl.

  3. James Groves | June 15, 2020 at 11:30 pm | Reply

    That is how he fill the arenas with paid actors because everybody hates his guts!!!!

  4. Gomorrah Jones | June 15, 2020 at 10:57 pm | Reply

    Calm down, ladies. Trump has slandered so many people, what goes around comes around, so please spare us your outrage.

  5. Much as I truly dislike everything Donald Trump stands for, Politifact has debunked this. It wasn’t done by their campaign.

  6. Hmm.. checked CL, can’t seem to find this.

  7. This is just trash. The easiest fake news to produce. I don’t believe it. You take everybody to be fools.

    • Its called satire, Bob. Lighten up.

      • YOU of all people should talk about lightening up. Gomorrah as well.

        • Oh, its the Trump Mole!!! Sit your ass down, girl. When I want to know what Russia thinks, I’ll ask.

      • I truly hope you live in Canada and no the U.S.

        • Awwww, poor Aunt B…her pussy’s gettin’ all flustered…maybe Trump will grab it for her.
          Aunt B…lets face facts…you’re just pissy because you didn’t realize this was a satirical article when you jumped all over OMG about fact checking. Its not my fault you made a fool of yourself. You are a perfect example of what happens when your beloved GOP defunds education. You know why they cut funding for schools…because stupid people are the only chance they have of getting elected.

  8. Literally zero proof this was posted on behalf of Trump. I could post anything I wanted.

    • You could post anything you want…even a joke piece, like this. Its always funny when people don’t get the joke.
      Are you a Russian bot? I’m just wondering because someone that speaks English would know that “wanted” means to want something and “want” means something you desire….as in, “I could post anything I desire.”

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