!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Lil Nas X & NBA YoungBoy lash out in ‘Late To Da Party (F*CK BET) ‘ !!

Lil Nas X dropped a video for “Late to Da Party” and the album art for this diss track depicts him urinating on a BETAward that’s already soaking in bodily fluid in a toilet!! Wowza. He was snubbed by the 2022 BET Awards and the singer/rapper WAS NOT HAPPY! Nas has said:

“Thank you bet awards. an outstanding zero nominations again,” he wrote in a thread of now-deleted tweets, according to Billboard, after the nominations were announced. “black excellence!” he sarcastically added.

Check out his send-up of the situation calling them out for their lack of support in his new video after the jump!

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2 Comments on "OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Lil Nas X & NBA YoungBoy lash out in ‘Late To Da Party (F*CK BET) ‘"

  1. if nas wants to be mad at BET for something then maybe he should be mad at the fact that a network thats supposed to be entertainment for black people by black people, is actually a company owned and ran by rich white guys. (dont believe me look it up)

  2. How entitled do you have to be to just expect awards and then get angry when you get none? This guy needs some humble pie. And also saying that BET is not ‘black excellence’ because he is not there is Kanye West levels of hubris.

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